Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome to our blog

We are coming, my little one. Mommy and Daddy are coming. We leave in two weeks to meet and fall in love with you and start the process of being able to bring you home. We don't know much of anything about you. We don't know if you are a boy or a girl, when you were born or what you have done in your life, but we can't wait to find out.

The call came a few days ago. The call that we have been waiting for. The call that our families and friends have been waiting for. We leave in two weeks. So our families and friends can follow our adventure and meet you too, we are creating this blog. Before we leave, I will give more details about how the process is supposed to work. For now, I have to check the weather in Kazakhstan to see when the temperature will dip below freezing ... as a daily high, not a low.

That's it for now. Short and sweet. We invite all of you to follow our adventure and our travels.


Melissa said...

so excited to read and talk to you about this as things progress. It has been a long time coming and we could not be more thrilled for you. If you need some winter coats for your trip, let me know! :)

Rita and Steve said...

The adventure begins - We love you both - Mom and Dad

linda & joe said...

got it amd we're happy as hell. Love, Linda & Joe

linda & joe said...

During a terrible blizzard your grandmother Jennie called to tell me not to send the children out without sweaters. In honor of Jennie--take a sweater! We're very excited for both of you and the baby. We're with you all the way on this great adventure. Keep warm Love you--Joe and Linda

Es and Bern said...

Dear Shana and Larry,
Your writing has produced the very same goosebumps as I had when mom told me that the call had come. Your forthcoming journey is going to be imprinted in your minds forever. With your very positive outlook, with your already tested perseverance, with the abundant love that you hold in your hearts we know that your journey will officially begin your lives as parents. May your first excursion be all that you've dreamed!
With much love, Esther and Bern

art2046 said...

Oklay let's try this again. I do not now what happened to our first post? but what the hey...wil try again.
It was wounderful to read that you and Larry are their safely and all is well. God Bless

love art and sandi