Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We made it!

Yes, we're back and it's COLD and SNOWY!!!!! The trip was, thankfully, uneventful. We visited with Adam today and were so happy to finally see him again. Sorry, no photos today. The internet has been acting up (we couldn't even get on yesterday), so we are going to wait to put photos up. We are all set for court tomorrow and hope to have an update by this time! If there isn't one, don't worry. We may just not be able to get onto the internet. We'll post as soon as we can. Keep your collective fingers crossed for us!


Rita and Steve said...

We know how excited you were to see Adam after the weeks apart. Another chapter in this long, long, long process. Just keep your eyes on the prize. And what a prize he is. We hope you find a way to keep warm during the Kazakhstan winter days.
Love you,
Mom and Dad

Betsy, Matt, Alec and Noah said...

I wish I could have seen Adam's face when he saw his folks again. I bet he had a smile from ear to ear. Keep us up to date. Love you, Betsy

Brownie Troop 157 said...

I'll be keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, legs, and any other part of my body that can possibly be crossed til we hear the good news. No worries, I was a blistering twister player in my day. Of course, that was many many years and pounds ago, so HURRY UP AND POST THE PICTURES AND UPDATES!!!

Hugs from Hot Miami,

Carol and Taylor