Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The judge granted our adoption today! We weren't really concerned, but it is wonderful to have the court hearing behind us. I know that everybody wants details and photos, but we are exhausted. We have to pack since we leave Kostanai tomorrow morning to fly to Almaty for paperwork and we fly home on Sunday. If we can manage to get all of the paperwork done tomorrow by 4pm, we will try to fly home on Friday. There are no flights out on Saturday for some reason.

I promise that I will post lots more information and photos either from Almaty or when we get home.

Well, it finally got cold. In fact, today was stupid cold. When we woke up, it was -25 C, which translates to about -12 F! The high was -12 C, which is about 10F! This, we decided, was stupid cold.

Again, we want to thank everybody for their years of love and support. We know that it will continue, especially once Adam Garrett Belyeu comes home in February.

For now, I will say dosvidanya (see you later) and tomorrow morning we will say paka (bye bye) to Kostanai. This city and country has given us the greated gift of our lives ... Adam.


Bill and Melissa Ceravola said...

I guess I get to be the first to say… CONGRADULATIONS!!!!

Can't wait to get all the details.

Rita and Steve said...

Dear Adam's Mommy and Daddy,
How fortunate our new grandson, Adam, is to have you as his parents! You are sweet and loving and caring and have so much to offer him. We can't wait to experience and enjoy this journey with you. The Mom-mom and Pop-pop claws are out already. And you, to have little Adam to love, raise and teach - we are overwhelmed!
Have a safe trip home. We love you,
Mom and Dad

The Soukas Family said...

Congratulations! Your beautiful new journey now begins! lots of luck to you! I hope you can pass on some words of wisdom to those of us who will be following you on a Kaz adoption journey!:~)
Colleen and Dan

Leslie M said...

We are so pleased to hear all went well - as all of us who know you both could guess. Hope you get everything done and are able to come home on Friday to our cold front (lows in the upper 40s to low 50's - burr!!!!)
Travel safe!
Steve & Leslie

Susan said...

yay!!! check that off your list...:)
you are getting closer and closer to bringing that angel home!!

Kostanai is a wonderful place..I CONCUR. :)
I really miss it..but, i'm freezing and it's 50 in florida. :)

big blesings...:)

Gail Levine said...

YES! WE are sooo happy for you!

Adrienne said...


Nothing is better than this!

I am in Florida now & so can come to meet Adam whenever you are ready.

It was -10 in Ct. today...glad I am here.

Safe travels.



Rachel said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful deserve all the best in the world!

Betsy, Matt, Alec and Noah said...

Congratutions guys!!!! Get this get to America already. We voted in a new wonderful president just for him.

Love you, Betsy, Matt, Alec and Noah XOXO

Betsy, Matt, Alec and Noah said...


Susan said...

hi guys! I wanted to see if you would have enough room to take back a suitcase of donations to the baby house.
I am a new proud board member of an organization called 2 Hearts for Hope, started by 2 mom's who adopted from Kazakhstan and saw such a great need for the kiddo's.
We took a box of donations to the baby house, well, Joe did, on his 2nd trip. They were soooo appreciative.

If you are interested in knowing more, or even specificing certain items, please email

Their website is :

I'm not sure when you are leaving to go back, but Stacy could send you a box asap.

It's really amazing to be able to see their faces when they receive the generous donations. :)

Diana said...


We are the couple you met at the airport in Almaty. Adopting Anton from Ust-Kam. Our adoption was final on Jan 28th. We are planning to leave on Feb 12 to fly back to Kaz and bring our boy home.

I just found your e-mail buried in my purse and sent you an invite to our blog.

Lori @ Five of My Own said...

We left for KZ justa week before you (home 1/7/09) so I just found your blog. Hardy congrats, Adam is gorgeous.