Saturday, December 20, 2008

Final Thoughts ... For Now

Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go. Sounds like a song, but it’s true! We had our last visit with Adam this morning. It was a great one. We usually spend time with him and the other kids in his room. We watch him play in the large play yard/play pen with the other kids or put him in the swing until it’s time to feed him. Larry and I take turns feeding him. It’s one of the best parts of the visit. It sometimes turns into a contest … who can stay cleaner … us or Adam. After we feed him, we usually go into a private visitation room and spend one-on-one time with him. We have loved that time. However, today, we stayed in the room with the other kids the entire time. It was awesome! We played with all of the kids and Adam loved having everyone else to watch and interact with while we were there.

We are amazed at how much he has grown in the past six weeks. He is MUCH better at sitting up, he scoots like a pro, he plays more with his toys and has figured out how to use his entire arms to bang the toys on each other or on another surface, he almost has a tooth (sorry, but nothing yet to photograph … we tried). We will miss him so much over the next few weeks, but we have no doubt that he is an amazing hands. The caretakers love those kids. They play with them, help them develop new skills, give them attention, tell them stories, sing them songs and are all-around attentive and loving. It makes leaving somewhat easier, although it is NOT easy.
We will return in mid-January for our final court hearing. Adam will come home about 6 weeks later. I will post a few times while we are home. There is a lot more to say about our time here, so keep checking the blog.

We want to thank everybody for their comments and e-mails. It has made our time here easier knowing that we have so much love and support waiting for us when we (and Adam) get home. For now, enjoy some extra pics of our little boy.


Rita and Steve said...

You three have been through part 1 of an amazing journey together. We know dear Adam will feel your love even over the miles. We are so happy for all of you and look forward to sharing the details when you arrive home.
All our love,
Mom and Dad

Susan said...

He is so cute!!!!! I know you will miss him, but those caretakers do really love the children. I can certainly vouch for that having spent 9 weeks there with Leeza.

I would love to talk to you more and get an update about all the kids in the group. We got very attached to all the kids there, and my son, Sean, really got attached. We so enjoyed playing with all the kiddo's.

The time will fly by until you're back with him again and he will be loved and cared for while you are away. It's but a "blip" in your life together.

The progess the kids make once they meet their families is someting so incredible to witness! Just wait until he gets to Florida-he is gonna blow you away, everyday! :) Even MORE than he does now........if you can believe that. :)

I am so glad i found your blog. :)
I still get all nostalgic about Kostanai, I imagine I always will!

Brownie Troop 157 said...

Boy, "parting is such sweet sorrow", huh? Hang in there.

Hope your travels and save and uneventful!

Hugs from home,

Carol and Taylor

Leslie M said...

Such a difference in the three of you since the first blogs! We all know you will miss Adam, but are anxious to see you again and here more in person!

Safe travels home - see you soon.

Leslie & Steve

nprzew said...

hi Shana ! this is Nicole, we met through Betty and the bunco group. I am sooo happy to see pictures of Adam ! what a cutie. such a handsome and happy little man. how blessed you both are to have eachother now. I can not wait until he is home. Please keep in touch with me. Would love to see you guys once you are home.

Tricia said...

Shana and Larry,

We were in Kostanai with AFTH from June 3 until August 17 this year (came home from Almaty 8/22/8). It was nice to run across your blog and see that things went well for you. It was great to see Olyesa in your photos, too. Congratulations! Adam is adorable. Tricia and Chris

Bill and Melissa Ceravola said...

Congratulations!! Adam is a real cutie.
My wife and I are expecting an LOI to Kostani anyday now. There is a chance we will see you when you return. We are using AFTH. What agency are you using?
I hope to cross paths with you. I'm a police officer in PA and I'm sure we could share some good stories. Take care.
Bill & Melissa Ceravola