Friday, December 12, 2008

Pre-Court Date

Well, we finally got our pre-court date. It is next Friday (12/19) at 4pm. We called the travel agent last night and asked about flight availability, and there is nothing available next Saturday or Sunday. So, we are getting home next Monday afternoon! Finally! I haven't downloaded today's photos onto the computer so I'll post some either later tonight or tomorrow. He was in a GREAT mood today and laughed a lot ... so check back later or tomorrow morning.


Rita and Steve said...

We will take over for Tiffany in taking good care of the house until you get home. Meanwhile just enjoy your sweet son. He is certainly giving all of us much pleasure - even if it's only across the miles on the web. Adam's smiling personality just lights up his photos. What a terrific holiday season this will be - we all have so much to be thankful for.
We love you all,
Mom and Dad

Leslie M said...

Hi guys!
Happy that you finally have your hearing - maybe the judge will take a look at you both and say - go ahead & take him now! An early Christmas/Hanukkah present for sure. We continue to enjoy seeing Adam's smiling face, but are looking forward to seeing you all home again.
In a few short weeks, you will have him home - what a fabulous 2009 you will have!
See you soon.
Steve & Leslie