Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

Please disregard the placement of the pictures. For some reason, blogspot isn't letting me move them today. I didn't think you'd all mind, as long as there are pictures of Adam posted.

I'm feeling much better today so I was able to visit Adam. This was an especially good thing since after today we only have 3 days (6 hours) of visitation left. The reality of leaving hasn't hit us yet. It will probably hit us on the 10 hour flight from Frankfurt to Miami.

When we walked into the play room Adam is in today we only noticed one thing. GARLIC. There was a bowl of sliced garlic in the play room and another in the crib room. I'm talking about a big bowl of garlic. Probably 10 cloves per bowl cut up. All we needed was rolls and butter and we'd be in business. We don't know if it's supposed to be healing or if the vampires come out this time of year, but we hope it does its job.
Adam didn't seem phased by the smell. He was all smiles again. He is getting better at sitting up. We are working on his muscles and he has come so far in such a short time. He has also discovered that he can wave and move his whole arms and can even bang things together. It's been such a joy to watch him grow and develop. No official sighting of his first tooth, but we could feel it today. We know that we will miss this tremendously for the next several weeks, but he is certainly worth it.


Gail Levine said...

Hey guys! We are excited the court hearing went well...sigh of relief. good luck tomorrow..and come home safely.

Es and Bern said...

dear shana and larry,
we continue to read and treasure your blog.
your positive outlook is truly an inspiration.
adam already knows of the deep love that you have to give, and as he matures, he too will be overwhelmed and he'll realize his extraordinary fortune.
we know that mom and dad eagerly await your reunion following your court date. may all go beautifully as you complete your first and most important visit.
our whole family is following your thrilling adventure into parenthood and we are elated for all of you.
esther and bern