Sunday, November 30, 2008

Go Gators!

So, really, who had the UF/FSU party at our house yesterday? Tiff? Jonathan? Mark? Fess up. We know somebody did. Hope you all enjoyed the game. We didn’t get to watch it, but we woke up to the 45-15 win of the Gators over FSU. Even Adam got in on Gator Fever. Amazingly, they happened to have a Florida hat in the Baby House. Now we know that this was meant to be. Larry is hoping that his first words will be Go Gators!

Things here are good. Not much changes on a daily basis. We visit with Adam for about 2 hours a day. During our visit, we take turns feeding him. We have learned that he loves bananas and apricot juice. We have also learned that when he doesn’t want more to eat, he makes his feelings very clear and just stops eating. He is scooting around the room better every day. We are now working on sitting up. Apparently, as soon as that happens, they start to potty train the kids. We will try to get a picture of the kids in Adam’s room in the bathroom. Essentially, each kid has a plastic potty. Every once in a while, the caretakers take the kids to the bathroom and put them on their respective potty (each kid is assigned a number for their potty). After we put Adam down for his nap today, we walked by the bathroom with about 5 kids under 15 months old sitting on the potties. It was adorable. Until he can sit up, no potty. After that, look out world.

The weather here is still amazingly mild. The highs have been anywhere from 32-41 and the lows have been at least in the 20s. It was supposed to get very cold this coming week, but the highs are still supposed to be in the high 20s and 30s, but the lows may go into the low teens. There hasn’t been much snow. Just the first day or two we were here and flurries the other day. It seems to be just as cold if not colder in the Northeast of the States than here. We feel lucky.

We hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope to be home in 2 weeks.


Melissa said...

Hi guys!
The pictures you are putting up are amazing. He is soooo cute. I cannot get over how happy all 3 of you look.
I love that with each new post I feel that I am there with you and can really get a sense of what things are like for Adam. You guys as well.
Oh, and the pictures of Larry with the hat and apron...priceless. Love it!
Also, crazy about the potty training. Are you going to keep that up at home? Amazing how different things are in different parts of the world.
love to all,

Missy, Tim, Jack, and Clay

Adrienne said...


just love to go on the blog & see the wonderful pictures! Your updates really do make us feel as if we are there with you.
Potty trainig??? Without marshmellows or m& m's...not different things are as Missy said.

I will be out of comission for awhile, so I will check the blog in about a week & look forward to seeing new smiles & pictures.

Love you ,

Susan said...

It does sound like Adam is the same group that Leeza was.
We got a potty in Kostanai and I figured i'd try it since she was used to it. It worked!! We did nto take it to Almaty cuz we could not fit it, but she would not go (number 2) without we had to pay 2300 tenge in almaty for one (which cost us 700 tenge in Kostanai!)
We have that pink potty here at home and she still sits on it.
I'm not as consistent as i should be cuz we are not home enough, but I much prefer her doing her business on the potty than in her diaper. I think potty training will be much easier since she is so used to sitting there. :)

I have tons of potty pictures to torture her with when she is older. :)

i so love your blog. :)