Thursday, November 13, 2008

No news yet ...

We hate to keep everyone in the dark, but we really don’t have any decisions made at this point. The process goes something like this: we are brought into the office of the Director (Doctor) of the Baby House. We are shown several files of children who are available for adoption or will soon be available for adoption. From those files, we ask to see one or more of the children. If we choose to begin an informal visitation with the child (if the child has not yet cleared the national registry) we can do so the next day. So … we were shown files of three children and chose to begin seeing one particular child. We began our informal visitation on Wednesday. We have time to consult with doctors back in the states about the medical history of the child and what we see first hand when spending time with the child. That is where we are. The medical information and history takes time to go through and with the time difference, it takes a while to get information back and forth to the States. We are trying to make the right decision and it (like the rest of the process) takes more time than one would think it should.

Sorry for the formality, but it’s a pretty stressful process. We know we have the love and support of all of you and we thank you for that. As soon as we have a decision, we will let you know.

In the mean time, the city is a pretty cool place. The food is great. Sometimes odd, but great. Yesterday, Larry (now that he can eat) and I had horse soup. Yes, he won’t eat Thai or Chinese food, but he tried horse. It was actually good. Tasted like brisket (not chicken). The weather has been surprisingly mild. After the first day when it snowed, I don’t believe it has dropped much below freezing. We hope all is well back in the States. Dad – sorry about the Nittany Lions. Leslie and Tiffany – thanks for the football update. Go Gators! We will write again soon and thank all of you for your love and patience.


Leslie M said...

Hey Shana & Larry,
Writing you from the lobby of the beautiful Phoenician Hotel in Scottsdale. Still keeping tabs on your progress even from out-of-town.
All of us know you and Larry will make the best decision regarding your new addition - and we continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Stay warm!

Es and Bern said...

Dear Shana and Larry,
Reading your posts lets us see the enormous fortitude that both of you possess. We think of you often and hope that the process will move forward daily. What a life-altering experience you're having! There's one VERY, VERY FORTUNATE child in Kazakstan who will one day realize the depth of your love. xox es and bern

Gail Levine said...

Hey Guys! Read your blog and very excited for you. Just wondering why Larry got so sick on the way, he was a picture of health in Ukraine...Larry don't get soft on us during your retirement!! Love ya, GAIL