Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today's Random Post: Fashion

You go to Paris and expect high fashion. You come to the former Soviet Union and … don’t. If you were a betting person and bet against a keen fashion sense here, you’d lose big, especially in the city we are in. Maybe not as much as if you put money on South Carolina, but you’d still lose. (GO GATORS)

Here, it’s the beginning of the winter. We did not expect the temperature to get over freezing. Since we live in South Florida, we had to buy lots of clothes. We had sweaters, but that was about it. Whenever we’d go to visit my folks in Pennsylvania, we’d borrow cold weather clothes. So, we went shopping. I bought what I thought would be a really cute coat. It’s a down jacket with a faux-fur-lined hood. We brought corduroy pants sine they’re supposed to be warmer than jeans and easier to clean and dry, since we do our laundry in the room. Other than me, there isn’t much faux fur here. There may be some, but it’s a much higher quality than we have at Burlington Coat Factory. The hood linings aren’t the only things that are fur. There are more fur coats here than the guys see hunting on Ocala at Camp Idiot. I have to say, it’s beautiful. It's not just the outer-wear. The outfits that people have on are very stylish (especially the women). Beautiful boots, great pants, pretty dresses, beautiful hair styles.

In short, the fashion here is high and the people are beautiful. There is a university here, so there are plenty of young people. We’ll see what happens to the fashion here when it dips into the single digits.

Unfortunately, still no firm news. We hope to have some by the end of the week. We are hanging in there and appreciate everybody’s love and support.


Rita and Steve said...

We are delighted you decided to be politically correct with faux fur. We also see a second career on the horizon - Life and Style writer for the local newspaper? What do you think?
Love ya'

Carrie said...

I can't wait to see all of your pictures. It sounds nothing like I would have expected. I hope that you are both staying warm!

Unknown said...

Can you post some photos on the blog? I was laughing my butt off when I read the part of this is a coutnry I haven't thrown up in. Glad you see the silver lining over there. Maybe you can bring back a fur coat or two...I think it would look fab on Larry! Thanks for keeping us posted and good luck.