Thursday, November 20, 2008

The March of the Penguins

The baby home is wonderful. The kids are cared for extremely well and get more attention than one would expect. Even in the middle of the winter, the kids go outside. To say that they get bundled up is an understatement. Even inside the baby house, which is pretty warm when dressed normally, the kids wear at least 2-3 layers. Usually, Adam is wearing one or two thin shirts … one is short sleeved and one is long. Over that, he is given to us with a thick knit sweater. On his legs, he has on medium thick pants with feet. Over that, he has a thick knit pair of pants. On his feet, over the footed pants, he has on a pair of socks thicker than many pairs of shoes. I almost forgot the hat. It’s thick and knit too. When we get him for our visitation time, off comes the hat and the thick outer layer.

Back to how they are when they go outside. This country gives new meaning to a snow suit. Earlier this week, we had to take Adam to the doctor. Here we are in the cab. Notice there is no car seat. Thankfully, our driver Andre (who looks like our friend Chris Stroze), got us there and back safely.

Adam can’t wait to see the wonders of the world. His eyes are full of hope, love and laughs. As I said yesterday, he loves to look outside the window. Here he is with his daddy looking outside.

What does he see when he looks outside? He sees trees, birds and often blue skies. He also sees the older kids taking their daily walks around in the fresh air with the caregivers. Larry calls it the march of the penguins. The little ones can barely walk all bundled up. It’s more like they waddle. They’re adorable.

Everybody’s comments and e-mails yesterday meant the world to us. You all know what we have been through the past three years. We couldn’t have gotten through it without everybody’s love and support. For that, we thank you. Hopefully, things will be smooth from here on in and we can all just enjoy the ride.


Rita and Steve said...

We are ready for you to march our gorgeous grandchild back home. They say patience is a virtue - you have to be two of the most virtuous people around. Our (the collective our) Adam is so precious - enjoy each moment with him. We love you all.
Mom and Dad

Betsy, Matt, Alec and Noah said...

Keep the pictures coming. They make our day and your nephews are literally going wild. Noah said he's not the youngest anymore so you better teach Adam the 4 questions!!! Love you all, Aunt Betsy, Uncle Matt, and his main men Alec and Noah XOXO

art2046 said...

Just wanted to say hi and give you guys a blog hug. :)

Love Art and Sandi

Adrienne said...

Now that I can 'blog", you will from me a lot! those pictures!!! How adorable he is! I loved reading about the baby house & the enviornment..& march of the made my day. enjoy each day...what a blessing & what an adventure.

Heather M said...

Hi guys! We're reading the update at 1:15am. I love the pictures and we love that Larry is the Daddy and there was the picture of Larry and Adam. That was so awesome. We think of constantly, we love the "march of the penguins" and Manny loves how the baby likes to look out the window. Enjoy your time with that precious little boy and keep the updates and pictures coming!!! Not sure if you can tell, I'm sleep but wanted to post my comment before tomorrow. Love, M&H&M