Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random post of the day: the hotel

Things here are, well, the same. Still talking to the doctors here and back in the states, so there is nothing to tell that you all want to hear. So I figured I would tell you about things here for a couple of days other than the baby.

The hotel: amazing. We have a large room, two balconies (which is funny since it’s winter) and a large bathroom. That’s what the parts of the hotel room are for. Here’s how we use them: we use one of the balconies as a refrigerator. We can’t drink the water, so we buy it in 5L bottles. Since you can’t drink the water, you can’t have ice. Keeping the drinks outside keeps them cold. Speaking of drinks, it took almost a week but Larry had his first beer today … and his second. We went to lunch at one of three restaurants that have English menus. They also brew their own beer … regular and light. We each had beer and it was great. Now, back to the room: the balcony doubles as a refrigerator and the bathroom doubles as … a washer and dryer. We did laundry today. We wash it in a big bowl that the families pass around and share. We rinse it in the sink and dry it on a clothesline we hung across the bathroom. Yes, life here is full of excitement. There isn’t too much to do to pass the time in the evenings, so even a chore like laundry can pass an hour or two and break up the monotony.
We get wireless internet in the hotel, but our computer only picks it up in the lobby. I am sitting in the lobby right now while there is a wedding going on in the restaurant behind me. Apparently, the hotel has only had high speed wireless for about six months. Before that, it only offered dial-up. Thankfully, we are here with high speed wireless.

We love hearing from people on the posts. Everybody’s support is more helpful than you all know.

Tomorrow’s post: fashion in Kazakhstan.

Since it’s Saturday, the post must end with GO GATORS!


art2046 said...

Well we are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the ...... Gator Game to start. It's 300pm about 30 mins from kick off. Lots of beer and pasta will get the boys and girls through the game.

It has been wounderful reading about your time over there and glad to hear you and the old boy are holding up fine. Looking forward to the next post.

Love ART and Sandi

Unknown said...

Thinking of you and Larry on this trip of a lifetime and LOVE the blog. I echo what someone else posted, that you are well on your way to parenthood and will find your precious child. Fashion in Kazakstan (sp?) is a good tease...not that I'm not checking every day anyway... Kym