Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Things from Kazakhstan are good. There isn’t much to report. We get to see Adam for about 2 hours every day, even on the weekends. He is still in the infirmary, but his chest seems less and less congested. The baby house masseuse came the other day to teach us how to work with Adam. She showed us lots of ways to move his arms, hands, fingers, legs, hips, feet and toes. This is an especially good thing since he does not get a lot of activity time in the infirmary. We have been doing the massage with him for a couple of days and he LOVES it. He smiles and laughs and lights up the room. Unfortunately, he has learned that the red light on our camera (to prevent red eyes) means that his picture will be taken any moment. He plays shy and stops smiling when he sees the light. We figured this out today and took the feature off, but it’s been hard to get those precious pictures of his smile.

After he ate today, he decided to take an early nap. With 45 minutes left in our visit, he zonked! Out like a light. He decided to wake up when we were getting him ready to return to the infirmary. We hope for more awake time tomorrow.

Many of you have been wondering what it is like here, other than visiting with Adam. I have said that the food is great. The weather has been amazingly mild. It snowed the first day we were here, and a little the other day. Other than that, it’s been cold, but not much below freezing. We will try to take more pictures of the city and things here, but here is a picture of the grocery store (the Gros). A bit different from the supermarkets in the States, huh? The Gros is on the first floor. On the second and third floors, there are small stores. On the fourth floor, there is a play area for little kids as well as an arcade and a few more stores. A couple of times a day, music plays from the clock on top of the building, the clock turns around and a figurine comes out and “dances.” It’s fun to watch.

Please keep the comments coming (especially the Saturday football reports). Go Gators. We love reading them and hope that everybody is enjoying the blog as much as we are enjoying our time here with our precious little boy.


Rita and Steve said...

Love the hat, Shana. Those pictures of our grandson sleeping in the arms of his Mom and Dad are too precious. We certainly can see the love.
Your visit this first time is 1/2 over and how glad we are to have found we can see you on Skype - beats the Verizon cost for sure.
From your reports it seems to be colder in Phila. than it is in Kazahkstan - yesterday we had a high of 33 degrees - and wind to boot.
We love you both so - keep the posts and pics coming.
Love, Mom and Dad

art2046 said...

Well we are glad to see things are going so well in Kazakhstan. And it is great to hear adam's cold is getting better. We love all of the photo's that we have seen of adam so far on the blog. :) BIG OLD BLOG HUG for the both of ya's :)))) What what a beautiful baby he is , fits right in with the other two beautiful people.

Listen as far as football goes if you guys have a camera built into lap top or another feature, we can link together through my computer and you can watch florida kick some FSU butt...sorry Lesslie.

Any who you all take care taalk at will soon..Love Art and sandi

matt seitchik said...

Shana and Larry, Adam is sooo cute. I am so glad that things worked out. I heard you may be coming to Philly in March. Cannot wait to meet your new son.


Gail Levine said...

cHey guys! My whole family is enjoying your experience and wishing you all the best. Adam is so CUTE! Sorry, Dolphins lost....48/28....Thinking of you often...Love ya, GAIL

Gale Hunkiar said...

Adam Garrett is adorable! Congratulations Shana and Larry :D I am so happy for you both. I know you will give Adam Garrett a warm and loving home. Art called and gave me all the details. I read every single word you wrote, Shana. The pictures are wonderful. Adam does have a contagious smile. Your long journey is almost over to start a new journey. How exciting! Wishing you guys the best Happy Thanksgiving, Gale Hunkiar